My floorcloths range in price from $25-30 per square for floorcloths with simple graphics. Some very intricate designs or designs with layers of color and glazes would be priced according to the amount of work involved.

Placing an order
To begin your order, send an email to with your thoughts and specifications for your floorcloth. Make sure to provide the size.
Also include photos of your inspiration. These can be photos taken with a digital camera. For example, you might want the border from one photo and a medallion from another.
You should consider the placement of the floorcloth. If, for example, it will find a home under your dining room table, the table would cover the center mediallion. Therefore, you might choose to have the design focused around a border. If you are unsure, I am happy to give you some suggestions.
I will provide you with a specific quote once you are satisfied with the specifications.
A 50% deposit is required to start. The balance is due along with shipping charges prior to delivery.
I look forward to making your beautiful floorcloth that you will treasure for many years.